The Happy Self Journal for Kids

The Happy Self Journal for Kids

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Write, draw, explore, and learn to understand your feelings—a journal for kids ages 6 to 9

Get to know your emotions with this fun kid’s journal! It's full of awesome activities and writing prompts that will help you manage big feelings and discover what makes you happy. Use it as your own space to get curious, learn about your skills and talents, and record all the wonderful things you think and experience.

  • Four ways to feel happier—This journal teaches you all about the power of gratitude, mindfulness, a growth mindset, and positive thinking.
  • Your journal, your rules—Entries include a spot to write the date, an emoji mood tracker, and plenty of room to write or doodle your answers and opinions.
  • Lots of ways to play—Get your brain and body moving with creative activities like drawing a self-portrait, giving a hug, and challenging yourself to try something new.


Get inspired to achieve your dreams with The Happy Self Journal for Kids.