Toddler Story Treasury

Toddler Story Treasury

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Read cherished classic stories aloud—for toddlers ages 1 to 3

Toddlers love listening to a story, especially when it’s read by someone they love. But how can you fit this beloved tradition into a busy day or night? This toddler reading book offers much-loved tales that are shortened, so it’s easy to make time for them—even if your toddler asks for “just one more.”

  • Cozy up with 30 stories—Delight your toddler with classic tales to enjoy over and over again, including “The Three Little Pigs,” “The Little Duckling,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Tom Thumb,” and many more.
  • Enchanting pictures tell the story—Discover whimsical illustrations that enhance the playfully retold condensed tales.
  • Teach skills with stories—Experience how reading aloud helps kids build vocabulary, grow emotionally, and learn effective listening.


Give a gift more fitting than a glass slipper: reading aloud from this storybook for toddlers.