My Awesome Field Guide to Bugs

My Awesome Field Guide to Bugs

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Explore entomology with this hands-on bug guide for kids 8 to 12

From the butterflies in the sky to the beetles underground, there are more than one million species of bugs that live all around us! Discover what makes them so weird and wonderful with this awesome field guide to the bugs you see every day. You’ll learn how to find them, identify them, and keep a log of your adventures—just like a scientist.

  • Which bug is this?—Meet 140 bugs native to the U.S. and Canada, and explore step-by-step instructions for how to tell them apart.
  • Amazing facts and photos—See your favorite bugs up close with detailed pictures of every thorax and antenna, plus fun trivia about what bugs eat, how they behave, and more.
  • Your official field notebook—Record all your bug-hunting data with special pages for logging the bugs you encounter.


Grab this bug book today, and learn how to spot and understand our insect, arachnid, crustacean, and myriapod friends.