My First Book of Animals

My First Book of Animals

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Explore the animal kingdom with kids ages 3 to 5

From gigantic elephants to tiny frogs, we share this planet with many wonderful animals. Introduce kids to the world's most incredible creatures with My First Book of Animals. Kids will go wild for toothy sharks, plump penguins, sleepy sloths, and many more.

  • Amazing animal trivia—Did you know kangaroos can jump 10 feet high? This animal book has tons of fascinating facts to expand kids’ knowledge.
  • Big, colorful images—Take kids up close and personal with some of the world’s most exciting animals.
  • Lions, tigers, and bears—From the world’s biggest beasts to the cutest creatures, kids will learn how these animals live, how they eat, and where to find them!


Grab this animal facts book for kids today and help them discover the wild, fascinating lives of Earth’s animals!