Writing Prompts for Kids

Writing Prompts for Kids

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Help little ones bring their imaginations to life with creative story starters for kids

The world’s best authors all have one thing in common: practice! This workbook features 60 creative writing prompts for kids ages 6 to 9 that will help them strengthen their writing skills and explore new ideas. Spark creativity and watch kids learn to put their ideas into action!

  • 60 awesome writing prompts—From superheroes to time travel to floating castles, kids can try their hand at fun story starters that push the limits of their imaginations.
  • Tips for better storytelling—Kids will discover what it takes to make a good story, including character development, story structure, and coming up with brilliant ideas.
  • Inspiring messages—Motivational advice helps kids continue developing their voice and talents!


Supercharge kids’ storytelling skills and creativity with Writing Prompts for Kids.