The 12-Week Jesus Bible Study

The 12-Week Jesus Bible Study

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Cultivate a greater relationship with Christ

Jesus led an inspiring life for us to follow—yet it can be difficult for some women to fully relate to His teachings. This Bible study will help you gain clarity and a fresh perspective. For three months, you’ll delve into select passages and discover how His words can transform your outlook and your relationships.

  • Bite-size Bible Scriptures—Explore God’s Word over the course of 12 weeks, with daily readings designed to take only 15 to 20 minutes, and a built-in buffer day that allows you to catch up on anything you missed.
  • Gain important insight—Discover new meaning in Christ’s wisdom with thoughtful commentary that speaks to the unique challenges women face in dealing with fear, love, forgiveness, and more.
  • Lessons for life—Learn how to apply Jesus’ teachings to your everyday life through reflection questions and activity suggestions included at the end of each week.


Grow closer to Christ as you connect with His teachings through this Bible study for women.