Succulent Obsession

Succulent Obsession

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Grow your own successful succulents with this comprehensive guide

With an eye-popping variety of species spanning every color of the rainbow, it’s no wonder why succulents have exploded in popularity in recent years. Now you can grow your favorite plants with ease thanks to Succulent Obsession. This book is filled with all the expert advice you’ll need to identify, care for, and propagate 100 succulents and cacti.

What sets this succulent book apart:

  • Complete plant profiles—Get to know the most easy-to-grow succulents with full-color photos and important details about each one’s light, soil, and watering requirements.
  • Multiple propagation methods—Expand your succulent garden as you learn how to master a variety of propagation techniques, including using cuttings, leaves, offsets, and division.
  • Handy troubleshooting tips—Discover step-by-step guidance to diagnosing and treating common problems to help your succulents grow and thrive.


Whether you care for a single plant or an entire garden, ensure your succulents flourish with this complete grower’s guide.