5-Minute Zen Journal

5-Minute Zen Journal

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Build a Zen mindset in just 5 minutes a day

Understanding Zen philosophy often requires years of study—but you don’t need to be a Zen master to experience some of the same benefits! This guided journal distills the essence of Zen into simple practices and writing prompts that take just a few minutes each, so it’s easy to feel calm and centered every day.

  • Zen for everyone—Get a casual overview of Zen teachings that makes you feel welcome regardless of your goals or experience level.
  • Insight and introspection—Explore journal entries that include a short prompt to reflect on, a practice that helps you apply the prompt to your life, and an uplifting affirmation to carry in your heart and mind.
  • Learning and growth—Discover how Zen teachings can help you understand who you are, prioritize mindfulness, and boost your sense of optimism and self-esteem.


Pick up this Zen journal today and create a new routine that encourages positivity and self-care.