The Codependency Journal

The Codependency Journal

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Break free from codependency and reclaim your sense of self

Being in a codependent relationship can make it difficult for you to feel like your own person—but with the right tools, you can take the reins on your life and thrive. A companion to The Codependency Workbook, this supportive journal helps you reestablish your independence with prompts and practices based in cognitive behavioral therapy. Through guided reflection, you’ll learn how to identify your needs and establish healthy boundaries in your relationships.

  • Engaging exercises—Discover a mix of journal prompts, positive affirmations, and other meaningful activities to help you work through your emotions and move forward with confidence.
  • Focused themes—Find healing through evidence-based practices that invite you to challenge and replace negative thoughts, set goals, practice problem-solving, and calm your mind.
  • Room to reflect—Dive deep into your relationship with codependency; this journal offers plenty of space to elaborate on your thoughts and feelings after each prompt.


Understand your pattern of codependency and take control of your future with this empowering guided journal.