Tarot for You

Tarot for You

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What is the tarot telling you?

The tarot can help you uncover who you are and light the path to who you want to be. This interactive workbook shows you how to decode what the cards are saying and apply their wisdom to your goals, values, and plans for the future.

  • Meet the Major and Minor Arcana—Get a detailed introduction to the philosophy of tarot, learn how to perform successful readings, and get an explanation of every card in a standard deck.
  • Spreads for any situation—Learn card configurations you can use to seek knowledge about love and romance, work and prosperity, social life and community, overcoming hardships, and more.
  • Tarot as a teacher—What’s holding you back? What boosts your confidence? Each spread is paired with open-ended questions and journal prompts to help reveal your truth.


Channel your intuition and choose your next steps—this tarot book will guide the way.