The Boys' Guide to Growth Mindset

The Boys' Guide to Growth Mindset

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With a growth mindset, you can achieve anything―for boys ages 8 to 12

Get ready to unleash your power and potential. The Boys’ Guide to Growth Mindset is an interactive book for boys, with the keys to unlocking new possibilities. In these pages, you’ll nurture a positive attitude and learn to celebrate mistakes as a chance for learning and growing!

With guided exercises and room to write, this book is your own space to find out who you truly are. You’ll discover what other impressive guys have done before you, and imagine a world where you create the change you want to see. The fun of dreaming, stumbling, and expanding your mind starts now.

  • Think big—Use this kids’ journal to explore your passions and start planning what new challenges you’ll tackle next.
  • Get motivated—Find simple, practical tools that can help you be brave, take risks, and boost your self-confidence.
  • Explore and reflect—Try fun growth mindset exercises that will inspire you to build your skills and record your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.


Cultivate a can-do spirit with this friendly guide to a growth mindset for kids.