52-Week Family Devotional

52-Week Family Devotional

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Spend time with God as a family

Gathering the family to study the Bible together is a great way to keep His word at the center of your household. This weekly devotional makes it fun to get the kids involved in Scripture, with devotions that each feature a Bible verse and a related story, paired with discussion questions and activities for everyone to reflect on and share together.

  • Simple and flexible—Spend as much or as little time as you want on each devotion, so it’s easy to fit them into your routine—even if you’re a big and busy family.
  • Lots of ways to pray—Keep things interesting with a variety of activities for all ages like writing thank-you notes, choosing a family Psalm, and practicing teamwork.
  • A year of inspiration—Fifty-two weeks of devotions means a full year of regular prayer that also inspires quality family time.


Discover joy, unity, and a deeper understanding of God’s Word with The 52-Week Family Devotional.