Unschooling Activities

Unschooling Activities

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Encourage kids 5 to 8 to follow their natural curiosity

Kids are constantly exploring, experimenting, and asking how things work! That's why unschooling--or learning without the traditional structure of a classroom environment--is a uniquely effective way for them to build skills on their own terms. This activity book helps you engage your child's endless quest for knowledge, with hands-on activities that require only some basic household items and a little creativity.

  • What's unschooling, anyway?--Get a crash course in the philosophy of unschooling and its benefits, with case studies from parents who've made unschooling the core of their child's education.
  • Designed for young minds--These activities were created with early elementary-aged kids in mind, focusing on core concepts like language, numbers, history, science, art, and more.
  • 60 student-led activities--Guide your child as they learn environmental science by making seasonal dioramas, learn letter sounds with homemade dice, and practice math by baking a cake.


Support your child's education and watch their intelligence blossom with Unschooling Activities.