Mental Health Journal for Black Women

Mental Health Journal for Black Women

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Nurture your mental health with guided prompts for Black women

As a Black woman, you face unique social and cultural challenges when it comes to your mental health—but with the right tools, you can put yourself first and thrive. Written by a Black woman psychologist, this journal offers evidence-based exercises to help you reduce anxiety and stress, practice meaningful self-care, and maintain a positive perspective.

  • The many facets of mental health—Find healing as you take stock of your mental health, express your emotions, treat yourself with compassion, find support in your community, and invest in your well-being.
  • Engaging prompts and practices—Navigate your journey to better mental health with uplifting affirmations, writing exercises, off-the-page activities, and other creative prompts.
  • Advice for all Black women—Feel heard and supported with guidance for Black women of all ages, gender identities, sexualities, and backgrounds.


Show up for yourself and prioritize your well-being with this compassionate Black mental health book for women.