Gratitude Journal: Daily Check-in

Gratitude Journal: Daily Check-in

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Foster an attitude of gratitude

Being grateful has a remarkable effect on your mindset—yet the hustle and headaches of everyday life can make it difficult to appreciate the good that surrounds you. Enter the Gratitude Journal: Daily Check-In. With 60 days of check-ins, prompts, and exercises, it helps you observe your state of mind over time and adopt a more positive outlook.

  • Discover the power of gratitude—Explore the psychological and physical benefits of gratitude, how being thankful counteracts negative thoughts, and the importance of developing a regular practice.
  • Track your progress—Repeated daily check-ins let you monitor your mood and energy levels while also helping you establish gratitude goals, affirmations, and more.
  • Jump into interactive exercises—Thoughtful prompts and activities encourage you to focus on the positive, become more mindful of your surroundings, and perform random acts of kindness.


Build your gratitude practice and boost your happiness with this dynamic daily journal.