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A Seeker's Guide to the Yoga Sutras: Modern Reflections on the Ancient Journey

A Seeker's Guide to the Yoga Sutras: Modern Reflections on the Ancient Journey

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Living a healthy, happy, and purposeful life starts with a clear and focused mind. A Seeker’s Guide to the Yoga Sutras is an easy introduction to the lessons of Patanjali―graceful, concise explanations of spiritual truths. With short chapters that show you how to adapt these yoga sutras to modern life, you’ll be on an accelerated journey of the soul.

Need help falling asleep, controlling stress or anger, or just becoming a happier person? These teachings will help you do just that and more. According to this wisdom tradition, the mind, when truly understood, is an extraordinary tool that can take you to a state of total freedom.

A Seeker’s Guide to the Yoga Sutras includes:

  • A map to peace―Concentration, manifestation, existentialism, and enlightenment are all explained.
  • Daily exercises―Every chapter ends with an exercise or reflection to help you assimilate Patanjali’s vision.
  • Ancient tools, ideal for our time―The yoga sutras may date back centuries but feel utterly timely―and deeply necessary―for navigating modern lives.

Find out how the teachings of this old practice can have a positive effect on your life with A Seeker’s Guide to the Yoga Sutras.