Adolescence: A Parent's Guide

Adolescence: A Parent's Guide

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Survive adolescence―with the guide no parent should be without

Getting through adolescence is tough, but you can help your child make it through―and maintain a strong relationship! Covering everything from late childhood to puberty to emerging adulthood, Adolescence: A Parent’s Guide offers you and your child the kind of sound and thoughtful advice you’ll wish you’d gotten in your adolescence.

Divided into five chapters―each covering a specific age range―this guide digs deep into the most common aspects of adolescence. Whether it’s dealing with dishonesty, managing changing relationships, or handling the age-old question of sex, this simple and straightforward guide has your back. You get a toolbox full of effective approaches that are easy to implement and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Adolescence: A Parent’s Guide includes:

  • Understanding today’s adolescents―Refresh your knowledge with the most modern and up-to-date information available.
  • Actionable advice―Discover strategies for overcoming common adolescent hurdles―like when kids start testing limits or stressing out over social media.
  • Talking it out―Sample scripts and scenarios provide helpful guidelines for navigating challenging conversations and situations with your growing child.

Make sure the two of you get through adolescence in one piece with this comprehensive book.