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Aging Brilliantly: How to Eat, Move, Rest, and Socialize Your Way to Long Life

Aging Brilliantly: How to Eat, Move, Rest, and Socialize Your Way to Long Life

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Live well. Age slow.

Aging doesn’t have to mean getting old. There’s mounting evidence that particular behaviors and lifestyles seem to lead to “more life.” Aging Brilliantly is a guide to proven habits you can adopt at any age to help achieve not only longevity but also a happier, healthier existence.

Inspired by studies of the longest living people in the world, Aging Brilliantly offers specific approaches to exercise, food, relationships, and relaxation that can greatly enhance vitality. Each chapter includes action plans and quick tips for you to apply these new principles swiftly so you can begin living better―today.

Learn the secrets of healthy living:

  • Super-aging action plan―After you learn the pillars, set up a step-by-step plan to help you define your personal goals and implement them.
  • Self-assessment―Score yourself at the end of each chapter to evaluate where you fall in the spectrum of healthy aging.
  • Become a master ager―With a small amount of daily practice, you’ll master aging and become proficient in living a life that leads to vitality and longevity.

Use the research-backed, self-care solutions in Aging Brilliantly to make age just a number.