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Awesome Brain Games for Kids: STEAM Puzzles and Facts for Curious Minds

Awesome Brain Games for Kids: STEAM Puzzles and Facts for Curious Minds

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What kind of whiz kid are YOU? Find out in Awesome Brain Games for Kids―a new collection of challenging STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) games that are perfect for inquisitive kids from first through sixth grade. Super fun facts and perplexing puzzles will stimulate your mind and keep you engaged for hours!

Packed with dozens of STEAM-based headscratchers, Awesome Brain Games for Kids includes everything from coding to environmental puzzles, to help you develop your STEAM superpowers while having some serious fun. There’s even an awesome bonus game-within-a-game inside!

Peek inside this big book of brain games for kids to find:

  • Games galore―Solve a wide range of amazing STEAM games that test your logic, visual, math, and wordplay smarts.
  • Master the bonus game―Win points when you complete brain games for kids and achieve the top-level! Are you a total STEAM genius?
  • STEAMing Q&A―Some of the world’s greatest mysteries explained! Q&A like “What is coding?” and “What is biofuel?” create an educational experience to enhance the games.

Set a course for full-on STEAMing fun―these brain games for kids are a total blast and challenging!