Best of Cryptograms: 450 Large Print Puzzles to Flex Your Brain

Best of Cryptograms: 450 Large Print Puzzles to Flex Your Brain

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Puzzles perfected―fresh, fun, and easy-to-read cryptograms.

Get ready to give your brain a real workout as you solve more than 400 cryptoquotes (a specific type of cryptogram―coded quotes) from famous figures the world over. This is the ultimate collection for new and experienced cryptographers, filled with large-print puzzles that are easy on the eyes and give you plenty of space to work.

All created using Caesar ciphers―an encryption method based on letter replacement―these cunning cryptograms will really stretch your deductive abilities, providing a fun way to sharpen your mind and memory at the same time. What are you waiting for? Get solving!

Best of Cryptograms includes:

  • 450 brain-teasing cryptograms―Puzzle your way through hours of engaging cryptograms that will test your critical thinking skills.
  • Exciting themes―Interested in US history? Sports? Movies? Choose from 8 distinct categories, each with dozens of cryptograms to solve.
  • Unforgettable quotes―Decode humorous, thoughtful, and thought-provoking quotes from Ronald Reagan, Rosa Parks, Hank Aaron, Queen Victoria, Indira Gandhi, and more.

Put your skills to the test deciphering tons of craftily concealed quotes in Best of Cryptograms.