Crystal Zodiac Book for Beginners

Crystal Zodiac Book for Beginners

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Harness astrology and crystal healing for clarity and power

The position of the stars at the moment of your birth can tell you a lot about who you are—and working with the right crystals can help you turn those traits into your greatest strengths. This guide to crystals for beginners shows you how to combine the zodiac with powerful crystal energy to manifest your goals, inspire greater happiness, and be your most authentic self.

With the Crystal Zodiac Book for Beginners you will:

  • Enter the zodiac—Learn about your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, the houses and planets, and how they can all influence your needs and personality.
  • Crack the crystal code—Explore the basics of crystals, with profiles on 36 powerful stones and which signs they resonate with best.
  • Enhance your life—Find step-by-step rituals for the crystals that work with your signs; like a self-love rose quartz bath for Virgo Suns, or a fluorite meditation to increase focus for Gemini Moons.


Promote positive change in your life with crystals that help you harness the power of the stars.