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Everyday Bread Baking: From Simple Sandwich Loaves to Celebratory Holiday Breads

Everyday Bread Baking: From Simple Sandwich Loaves to Celebratory Holiday Breads

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Rise to any occasion with this collection of amazing bread baking recipes

A true baker never tires of the wonderful transformation that bread undergoes―from simple ingredients to a golden-brown crust. Everyday Bread Baking brings that experience to you with part artistry, part culinary skill, and part science ―the perfect recipe for delicious bread baking.

Bread baking is one of humanity’s oldest cooking traditions. Step-by-step instructions let you carry on that tradition with recipes for all kinds of tasty bread. Whether that’s a French Baguette, classic Brioche buns, or a tangy sourdough pizza crust, you’ll have homemade bread for holidays, birthdays, or the perfect daily lunch.

Everyday Bread Baking includes:

  • Recipe for success―From shaping instructions to the starter, specific tips for each style of bread ensure a beautiful, tasty result.
  • Speak like a baker―The comprehensive bread baking glossary explains every term you need to know for making whatever type of bread your heart desires.
  • Better every time―A troubleshooting guide accompanies each master recipe to guarantee that every bread you make will turn out better than the one before it.

Bake a beautiful loaf of bread for any occasion to share with your family and friends.