Getting to Good: A Guided Journal

Getting to Good: A Guided Journal

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Re-write bad days into good ones.

How can you turn a bad day into a better one? What does it take to go from feeling negative to being positive? Grab a pen, open this guided journal and find out.

Getting to Good is your road map to feeling better, happier, and more present with proven-effective therapeutic exercises and journaling prompts. Empowered with positivity and gratitude, you’ll discover how good it feels to let go of the bad thoughts and feelings and start writing about the good days to come.

This guided journal includes:

  • Feel good prompts―close the gap between you and happiness with exercises and reflections.
  • Proven therapies―based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Motivational Interviewing, and Mindfulness.
  • Positive strategies―help you focus on gratitude, small kindnesses, and the beauty of everyday life.

Turn a new page. Change your story. Write freely. Whatever you do, let this guided journal be a record of your journey to well-being and positivity.