Growing Up Great!: The Ultimate Puberty Book for Boys

Growing Up Great!: The Ultimate Puberty Book for Boys

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Every guy’s guide to navigating puberty

One day, your son is just a regular kid doing regular kid stuff and then―BOOM―puberty hits! If they’re wondering what’s up with all the body changes (like, “what the heck happened to his voice?”), don’t worry―of all the puberty books for boys, this one has all they need to know to stay cool and grow up great.

Growing Up Great is a body-positive guide to getting through puberty confidently by respecting the body and all of its changes. From how to handle the physical rollercoaster to coping with out-of-whack feelings, this book has your teen’s back―so they can focus on all of the good stuff ahead.

When it comes to puberty books for boys, this one has it all:

  • Knowledge is power―This book has everything kids need to understand and embrace the physical changes in the journey through puberty.
  • Feel all the feelings―Teens will learn how to cope with strong emotions by tapping into creativity, exercising, or practicing mindfulness―no other puberty books for boys needed.
  • Real topics―Guys will find tons of relevant advice on how to handle today’s challenges like social media, peer pressure, and more.

Puberty books for boys should help kids sail through changes positively and with self-confidence. Growing Up Great delivers.