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I Do!: A Marriage Workbook for Engaged Couples

I Do!: A Marriage Workbook for Engaged Couples

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Strengthen Your Bond, Strengthen Your Marriage

Planning a meaningful wedding is important. Planning for a happy and satisfying marriage is critical. Through in-depth, thought-provoking exercises, I Do! A Marriage Workbook for Engaged Couples helps prospective partners grow their love and solidify their partnership as they prepare to walk down the aisle together.

From money to intimacy, this marriage workbook helps you dig deep into your relationship over the course of 7 chapters―each focusing on a different part of married life. Gain insight into each other and discover ways to feel closer before you finally and happily say, “I do!”

I Do! A Marriage Workbook for Engaged Couples includes:

  • LOVE, SEX, AND MONEY―Prepare for married life by exploring and sharing your feelings on communication, money, intimacy, children, beliefs and values, family and friends, and work.
  • IN-DEPTH EXERCISES―Learn more about your partner through various exercises, including writing prompts, true/false questionnaires, worksheets, partner discussions, and more.
  • TOOLS TO TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL―Use this marriage workbook’s exercises as springboards for a deeper exploration into your relationship.

Deepen your connection and prepare for your marriage with I Do! A Marriage Workbook for Engaged Couples.