Keep Running: How to Run Injury-free with Power and Joy for Decades

Keep Running: How to Run Injury-free with Power and Joy for Decades

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Go the distance―your guide to smart, healthy running for life

Love to run and want to keep at it for life? Stay on track over the years with Keep Running, an up-to-date guide to optimizing your training and lifestyle from your 30s onward. Learn what to expect down the road and how to stay in top form physically and mentally, so you can continue to hit the ground running―in good health and great spirits.

Dispelling myths about running at an older age, this essential handbook shows you step-by-step how to run for pleasure or competition as your body changes. You’ll discover how to assess your form, prevent common injuries, and cultivate emotional resilience. Updated training strategies, specialized exercises, rest and recovery tips, diet guidelines, and other lifestyle tweaks keep you running your best.

In Keep Running, you’ll find:

  • Whole body care―Build mobility, stability, and strength with more than a dozen exercises, including illustrations and detailed info to help you keep the correct alignment.
  • Fuel for life―Eat for energy and endurance with essential info on runners’ nutritional needs, blood sugar tips, and a handy chart of foods to enjoy or avoid.
  • Mental wellness―Keep a positive mindset with expert advice for building a morning routine, practicing gratitude, and incorporating powerful tools like yoga and meditation.

With Keep Running, there’s no finish line in sight for your time as a runner!