Keto Cleanse: 14-Day Plans to Reset with a Clean Ketogenic Diet

Keto Cleanse: 14-Day Plans to Reset with a Clean Ketogenic Diet

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Revitalize with a cleanse you’ll enjoy

Unlike other cleanses you may have tried, the ones in this book are effective and satisfying. The Keto Cleanse follows a clean ketogenic diet, taking advantage of both the fat-burning power of keto and the healing effects of clean eating.

By eating an abundance of nutrient-dense, whole foods designed to nourish your detoxifying organs and systems, this ketogenic diet will help your body do its job better. And with delicious recipes like Sesame-Crusted Tuna and Peach-Glazed Chicken Thighs, you’ll begin to look and feel amazing. Your body will not only cleanse itself―it will thrive!

This ketogenic diet book includes:

  • The right choice for you―Choose from 3 detailed, 14-day plans―the keto cleanse, the elimination cleanse, or the intermittent fasting cleanse―each with shopping lists and prep instructions.
  • Manage your success―Learn about meal prepping, sourcing high-quality ingredients, and what supplements you may need to succeed with a ketogenic diet.
  • Lifestyle tips―Discover practical tips for cleansing in other areas of your life, including how to stay positive, eliminate environmental toxins, and move consistently.

Cleanse your body with 3 specific 14-day plans and simplify your transition to a successful ketogenic diet.