Mens Prayer Journal: A place for reflection, praise, & thanks

Mens Prayer Journal: A place for reflection, praise, & thanks

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Strengthen your faith with pen and paper―a prayer journal (for men)

You want to keep your favorite aspects of your faith close because you never know when you’ll need a moment of inspiration. The Men’s Prayer Journal is a simple, unfussy journal where you can jot down all your thoughts and feelings relating to your daily devotionals in one place.

Sure, you’re busy with life’s demands, but you CAN keep track of all your spiritual observations in a prayer journal (for men). From preferred pieces of scripture and sermon notes to daily prayers and reflections, this book offers the space you need to connect with your beliefs.

This prayer journal (for men) includes:

  • Biblical encouragement―At the bottom of each page, you’ll find motivating and thought-provoking Bible verses chosen for men.
  • Spiritual space―Inside this prayer journal (for men) you’ll find line after line of open canvas with places to record the date and scripture.
  • Give back―This journal makes a great gift for your Christian friends and family.

When you’re thinking about a prayer journal (for men), this is the one for you.