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Modern Attachment Parenting: The Comprehensive Guide to Raising a Secure Child

Modern Attachment Parenting: The Comprehensive Guide to Raising a Secure Child

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An updated guide to the renowned parenting philosophy

Attachment parenting is the beloved, yet often misunderstood, philosophy of ensuring your children grow up with their needs completely fulfilled. Modern Attachment Parenting gives you all the information you need to choose your own AP adventure.

Modern Attachment Parenting doesn’t overload you with parenting rules, but rather empowers you with information. It is an evolution of the science, free of any guilt, misgivings, or judgment on your formal parental role, and an open philosophy of finding the version right for you―an a la carte buffet of AP.

This standout among attachment parenting books includes:

  • The baby b’s―Meet your baby’s core needs with these seven tools including birth bonding, breastfeeding, and balance.
  • Not just for couples―No matter what your family structure looks like, single, married, working, or co-parenting, the methods and philosophies of attachment parenting work equally great.
  • Myth vs reality―Don’t be fooled by common misconceptions about AP―learn about the positive realities of raising a child with this philosophy.

Modern Attachment Parenting goes beyond other AP books. Give your child the love and support they deserve by using the techniques outlined in this fine text.