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Seasons of Wicca: The Essential Guide to Rituals and Rites to Enhance Your Spiritual Journey

Seasons of Wicca: The Essential Guide to Rituals and Rites to Enhance Your Spiritual Journey

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Strengthen your practice, deepen your faith―Wiccan rites and rituals for every season

Rooted in nature, spiritualism, and a reverence for the divine, Wicca is a religious practice focused on the balance and harmony between life and nature. Seasons of Wicca offers practical guidance and empowering rites and rituals that will bring the magic of Wicca into your daily life.

Discover the origins of Wicca with an overview covering the importance of working with nature and the deities. Explore in-depth primers on the Wheel of the Year and the crucial purposes of the elements, and embark on your own spiritual path with step-by-steps for Sun Celebrations, Moon Celebrations, and Wiccan Rites.

Seasons of Wicca includes:

  • Start of the season―Begin your practice with practical advice on setting up an altar and casting a circle, as well as the tools for magical transformation, like tarot, runes, candles, and crystals.
  • Modern Wicca―Choose the Wicca tradition that’s best for you with a look at the practices and deities of popular traditions, such as Gardnerian, Celtic, and Solitary Wicca.
  • Seasonal ceremonies―Find easy-to-follow rituals for Wiccan sabbats and full moon esbats, as well as rites for major changes, like handfasting, a Wiccan wedding ceremony, and handparting to mark the end of a relationship.

Celebrate the changing of the seasons, sabbats, and deities with the life-changing rites and rituals in Seasons of Wicca.