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Shamanism: An A-Z Reference Guide

Shamanism: An A-Z Reference Guide

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Discover the history and core elements of Shamanism

Shamanism is a widely used term for a broad range of spiritual practices across time, continents, and cultures. Shamanism is your all-in-one reference guide to shamanic traditions and healing modalities around the world.

Entertaining and easy to navigate, Shamanism is a rich collection of unique facts and stories from shamanic cultures. You’ll find engaging entries on cultural beliefs, spiritual motifs, sacred objects, and rituals, like Vibrational Medicine and Soul Retrieval (recovering lost souls or soul parts).

Shamanism includes:

  • Shamanic handbook―Explore the history and mythology of Shamanic cultures, as well as engaging info on spiritual ecology or the back-to-nature movement.
  • All about rituals―Learn about numerous rituals and techniques, like healing with crystals and extracting malevolent spirits with a Soul Catcher.
  • Animism to Zoroastrian―This guide is organized alphabetically for easy reference so you can build your knowledge on the go.

Discover the magic, mythology, and healing history of Shamanism with this introductory guide.