Soccer Stars on the Pitch: Biographies of Today’s Best Players

Soccer Stars on the Pitch: Biographies of Today’s Best Players

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Find the inspiration you need to be the best soccer player you can be with these sports biographies! Soccer Stars on the Pitch goes deep and explores the lives and careers of some of the sport’s most famous players.

Soccer (or, as it’s known outside the US, football) is the most popular sport in the world and is filled with all kinds of exciting stories that you’re sure to love. From French stopper Hugo Lloris to American captain Christian Pulisic, these sports biographies show you how these amazing athletes made tough choices, overcame injuries, and blew past every other obstacle that got in their way!

This compelling collection of sports biographies includes:

  • Playmakers in every position―Assemble a real soccer dream team across 11 complete, multi-page sports biographies―and get shorter spotlights on plenty of other world-class players.
  • Awesome player cards―Each of the sports biographies comes complete with a full-color illustration, plus the player’s position, team, stats, major accomplishments, and more.
  • Tons of fun facts―Expand your soccer knowledge as you learn about everything from the action-packed pitch (that’s the field you play on) to the 12th man (the big fans like you!).

Goal! Score big with these incredible sports biographies!