Strong Women: 15 Biographies of Influential Women History Overlooked

Strong Women: 15 Biographies of Influential Women History Overlooked

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Celebrate, share, and take to heart the unsung accomplishments of these unflappable strong women

There are so many more incredible women throughout history than you’ve been taught. You might know some of the most famous and rebellious, but this is your chance to get to know 15 equally powerful strong women who quietly broke barriers and made a lasting impact.

From 10th-century novelist Murasaki Shikibu to 19th-century self-made millionaire Madam C.J. Walker, you’ll learn about the early life, struggles, and successes of the innovators, changemakers, and ceiling-breakers who redefined what strong women were allowed to be. Even if they never became household names.

Strong Women will show you that:

  • Ordinary is extraordinary―Find hope and inspiration in the stories of women who worked in every field and every part of the world, throughout all of history.
  • Dig deep―These biographies are brief and easy to read but include enough detail to present each woman as a complete personality, without shying away from the tough stuff.
  • Always remember―Uncover why so many of these stories were lost to history, and how you can help keep them alive.

Discover the quiet power of 15 strong women who changed the world as you know it.