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The 5-minute Stoicism Journal: Create Space for Joy, Positivity, and Reflection

The 5-minute Stoicism Journal: Create Space for Joy, Positivity, and Reflection

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Quiet mind, happy heart―master the virtues and disciplines of stoicism.

Want to remain focused, content, confident―even joyful―no matter what challenges life throws your way? The 5-Minute Stoicism Journal can show you how to develop emotional resilience and cultivate a positive mindset by focusing your attention on what you can control in your life.

Complete with a basic overview of stoicism, thought-provoking quotes from philosophers, and plenty of space to write, this guided journal has all you need for your stoic journey. Relieve short-term stress while working toward consistent, long-term contentment with The 5-Minute Stoicism Journal.

This book includes:

  • Take 5―Each activity is designed to take only five minutes each day, so you can pick up and start journaling whenever.
  • Engaging exercises―From decisions you’ve made, to activities you’ve enjoyed, reflect on your life’s experiences so you can grow into the best version of yourself.
  • Philosophical perspectives―From Epictetus to Marcus Aurelius and beyond, get historical stoicism quotes with contemporary applications.

Focus your feelings and find greater happiness with the quick yet effective meditations and writing exercises in The 5-Minute Stoicism Journal.