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The Balanced Mind: A Mental Health Journal: Exploratory Prompts and Effective Practices

The Balanced Mind: A Mental Health Journal: Exploratory Prompts and Effective Practices

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Creative prompts and exercises for working through your most challenging emotions

Take charge of your emotional well-being with a guided mental health journal that can help you explore your thoughts and feelings in meaningful ways. The Balanced Mind: A Mental Health Journal shows you how to reflect on your mental state while providing creative outlets to work through whatever challenges you face.

Designed for people struggling with depression and anxiety―as well as those seeking new strategies to work through negative thought patterns―this mental health journal is filled with thoughtful prompts and effective exercises that teach you how to better support your emotional and mental health. Whether it’s writing about the positive things in your life or relaxing with creative activities, discover proven methods that promote mindfulness and bring about lasting healing.

The Balanced Mind: A Mental Health Journal includes:

  • Reflect, write, create―Get all the benefits of an exploratory journal and a therapeutic workbook in one complete, beneficial package.
  • Full-page responses―Record all your thoughts thanks to plenty of writing space that follows each prompt in this mental health journal.
  • Emotional health tracking―Take stock by answering questions designed to help you check in and sort out how you’re feeling.

Discover how getting creative can help you better understand and manage your feelings with this mental health journal.