The Healthy Cookbook for Teens: 100 Fast & Easy Delicious Recipes

The Healthy Cookbook for Teens: 100 Fast & Easy Delicious Recipes

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Become a culinary rockstar before you even hit 20.

Whether your goal is to learn a few fast and easy recipes, start eating healthier, or to create your own YouTube cooking channel one day, The Healthy Cookbook for Teens is the perfect place to start.

If you’ve never attempted to make a full meal by yourself (and no, frozen pizza does not count), this cookbook for teens will get you into the kitchen right away with basic techniques that will have you feeling like a master chef in no time. The Healthy Cookbook for Teens is filled with 100 fast, fresh recipes for beginners that were designed to boost your health, fitness, and energy, and teach you a universal skill with rewards that pay off over a lifetime.

The Healthy Cookbook for Teens includes:

  • Easy A―All recipes are taught with beginner simplicity in mind.
  • A cookbook for teens on a budget―Nothing but affordable, common ingredients available everywhere.
  • All you can eat, and fast―Chapters are packed with 100 breakfasts, snacks, meals for one, family dinners, and more, most under 45 minutes to make.

Loaded with deliciously fun recipes that range from Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese to Honey Sriracha Popcorn, this is the ultimate beginner cookbook for teens.