The Love, Joy, Peace Workbook: A Couples Bible Study

The Love, Joy, Peace Workbook: A Couples Bible Study

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A joyful journey of togetherness―interactive Bible study

Marriage is a loving commitment we make to our spouses―and to God. The Love, Joy, Peace Workbook: A Couples Bible Study teaches you to strengthen your bond through communication, care, and the study of God’s Word. This inspirational, interactive couples Bible study created by a licensed marriage counselor will help you grow in love, faith, and happiness.

Each chapter gives you skills for your spiritual and interpersonal tool kit, covering a range of relationship issues―like conflict, family, money, sex, and commitment― through couples Bible study. Whether you’re engaged, newlyweds, or have been married for decades, this workbook will guide you to heal and deepen your connection with each other―and with God.

This joyful choice in couples Bible study includes:

  • 140+ pages of activities―Explore a variety of exercises, discussion topics, journaling prompts, quizzes, and guided scripture readings.
  • Partners in love―Just as you and your spouse work together on your marriage, you’re encouraged to work through this couples Bible study together as equals.
  • True faith studies―Hear case studies of real couples who overcame difficulties and differences through communication and commitment.

If you’re seeking couples Bible study to grow your faith and bond with your spouse, look no further than The Love, Joy, Peace Workbook.