The Perfect Steak Cookbook: Essential Recipes and Techniques

The Perfect Steak Cookbook: Essential Recipes and Techniques

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Master the art of sourcing and sizzling up a steak to ultimate perfection

Turn your home into your new favorite steakhouse by learning the secrets for preparing the perfect cut of beef. From Bistro-Style Hanger Steak to Texas Barbecued Beef Brisket, The Perfect Steak Cookbook offers all the essential recipes you'll need to impress at your next dinner party or barbecue.

Equipped with crucial information about beef quality, equipment, and storage, this steak cookbook will teach you how to pick the right steak and the best way to cook it. Explore the entire cow, from head to toe, taking you on a journey through all the primal cuts. You’ll gain expertise and confidence at the butcher counter, in the kitchen, and while grilling outdoors.

The Perfect Steak Cookbook includes:

  • All things beef―75 meaty recipes, organized by the cut of meat―including rib, round, chuck, sirloin, and more.
  • Sauces galore―This steak cookbook includes a chapter dedicated to marinades and sauces, from classic Bordelaise to lively Chimichurri.
  • Perfect pairings―Discover must-try suggestions for sides and drinks to complement your steak.


The Perfect Steak Cookbook will have you buying, preparing, and presenting beef like a pro.