The Toughest Sudoku Puzzle Book: 200+ Puzzles to Sharpen Your Brain

The Toughest Sudoku Puzzle Book: 200+ Puzzles to Sharpen Your Brain

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200+ supercharged Sudoku to test your skills―and boost your brainpower!

Whether you’re already a pro or you’re looking to build your abilities, The Toughest Sudoku Puzzle Book will challenge and entertain you with hours of mind-bending fun. Of all the Sudoku puzzle books, this one’s action-packed with 240 clever, creative Sudoku puzzles, plus complete explanations of 14 fail-proof solving techniques to guarantee your success.

Unlike standard Sudoku puzzle books, this book contains 18 variations to keep your brain engaged and your pencil sharp. Difficulty increases throughout, culminating in a bonus chapter that will stretch the minds of even the most advanced players. Finally, a helpful hints section provides 3 clues per puzzle to get you over any hurdle.

This extraordinary standout among Sudoku puzzle books includes:

  • Level up―Test your problem-solving skills with three epic levels of difficulty, including tough, tougher, and even tear-your-hair-out!
  • Vexing variety―Tackle a wide range of Sudoku types like Twodoku, Jigsaw, Nonconsecutive, and Samurai, which you won’t find in other Sudoku puzzle books.
  • Secrets revealed―Discover how to play smarter with 14 basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques designed for Sudoku puzzle books players of all levels.

Since it’s one of the most challenging Sudoku puzzle books on the planet, this book will blow your mind!