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The Vocabulary Workbook for 6th Grade: Weekly Activities to Boost Your Word Power

The Vocabulary Workbook for 6th Grade: Weekly Activities to Boost Your Word Power

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Turn your 6th grader into a real word wizard with these vocab-boosting challenges.

Improving vocabulary is essential for young readers, so why not help them power up? The Vocabulary Workbook for 6th Grade is packed with fun activities that help kids learn new terms perfectly suited for their current reading level!

Each weekly lesson in this vocabulary workbook focuses on a handful of words, reinforcing what they mean and how they’re used over a series of different activities, like determining a word’s definition based on usage, exploring its roots, or finding synonyms and antonyms. Get ready to be wowed―your 6th grader is about to develop an outstanding vocabulary!

The Vocabulary Workbook for 6th Grade includes:

  • A year-long lesson plan―Discover 36 weeks’ worth of lessons inside this vocabulary workbook―one for each week of the school year―that work great as supplements, summer reviews, or homeschool materials.
  • 180 wonderful words―From “consistent” and “unanimous” to “essential” and “repetition,” introduce young learners to tons of useful and age-appropriate words.
  • All kinds of activities―This vocabulary workbook explores each word in a variety of ways, giving your child multiple ways to master their meaning.

Help your young learner discover the wonder of words with The Vocabulary Workbook for 6th Grade.