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Toddler Activities Made Easy: 100+ Fun and Creative Learning Activities for Busy Parents

Toddler Activities Made Easy: 100+ Fun and Creative Learning Activities for Busy Parents

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All play, no prep toddler activities

Your little toddler is bursting with enthusiasm, wonder, and…ENERGY! And you’re a busy parent. No matter the time, space, or kind of materials you have on hand, this book gives you plenty of quick, easy, and fun-filled activities to engage your child’s curiosity.

Toddler Activities Made Easy uses everyday household materials to create educational and entertaining experiences for your toddler. With activities that take only 5-minutes or less to get ready, this book makes it simple and fast for parents to turn a moment of idleness into play learning.

Toddler Activities Made Easy includes:

  • 100 + awesome activities―Engage your toddler with active play, early science experimentation, creativity, imaginative games, and outdoor exploration―no matter which toddler activities you choose, they’ll be learning and having fun!
  • Quick, no-fuss setup―Use common materials that you have lying around the house to prep toddler activities in just 5 minutes.
  • Developmental milestones―Choose toddler activities based on skills developed with labels for early literacy, fine motor skills, visual spatial skills, and so much more.

Turn a regular box into a school bus. Make musical instruments from office supplies. Experiment with puddle splashing. Whatever the game is, this book makes it fast and easy for you and your toddler to have a BLAST learning.