What Is Empathy?: A Bullying Storybook for Kids

What Is Empathy?: A Bullying Storybook for Kids

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Two sides to every story―helping kids learn compassion and understanding

Teach children ages 5 to 7 about empathy and putting themselves in someone else’s shoes. In this entry into bullying books for kids, they’ll read about how best friends Ava and Sofia handle a problem with bullying.

The story is told twice―first from Sofia’s point of view, and then from Ava’s, so kids can experience how their feelings change when they see things from a different perspective.

When it comes to bullying books for kids, this one stands out:

  • Everyone deserves understanding―No matter how your child is experiencing bullying, Ava’s and Sofia’s stories will show them skills that can help.
  • Talk about it―Go beyond other bullying books for kids with discussion questions that encourage kids to think about why the characters might have done the things they did.
  • Beautiful illustrations―Colorful artwork brings the story to life and makes this book fun to read.

Give kids the tools to practice kindness with What is Empathy?, everything that bullying books for kids should be.